Thursday, October 27, 2011

Danny's Best Day

Today was deemed "Cross things off my list" day. Now that the end of the month is near it was time to finish the jobs I put on the list at the beginning of the month.

After dropping my son, Danny off at school, I did a little Christmas shopping at the home improvement store. They didn't have the main thing I was looking for, but ended up with some good deals none the less. (Including a Cuisinart Chef Knife for $7... score!) I picked up some pictures I had developed. (I needed them for tonight's Beaver meeting)

Jack and I came home. I cleaned up what was left of breakfast, made the beds, did some laundry and knocked 3 or 4 things off my to-do list. I prepped the craft for tonight's Halloween Beaver meeting (spiders made from egg cartons), prepped Jack's school book order, finished the name tags for the newly inducted Beavers, canvassed the neighbourhood for the Canadian Diabetes Association, and put the Christmas lights in the garden. As it turns out, the 10 replacement bulbs weren't enough to finish the garden lights, so have to make another trip to the home improvement store... but not today.

Now, almost dinner time and the question remains...

So, what's for dinner?

Danny's Favourite White Fish

This really couldn't be easier. I've defrosted some sole fillets. I'll season some flour with a little salt, a lot of pepper and some paprika and parsley. I'll dredge both sides in the flour and brown it in a skillet with a touch of canola oil. I'll serve it with some rice and a salad.

Both my kids LOVE this dish and ask for it by name.

This morning, Danny told me this was the best day because...
1. He got to stay for lunch
2. He had choir practice
3. He has a Halloween party (with snacks)
4. He got to wear his Harry Potter costume
5. White fish for dinner

So I shall continue on my list diminishing journey for the day is NOT over yet. But I have to agree with my son. It was a great day!

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