Friday, March 11, 2016


It's 9:30 am and things are underway to start another busy weekend. I have a meat-lovers pasta sauce cooking on the stove. My youngest wants lasagne for his birthday dinner coming up in a couple weeks so I am getting a head start. He also wants a white chocolate and key lime mousse cake (Paula Deen's) . So today I'll make a meat lasagne, later I'll make a vegetarian.

My older son was sick for a couple days so stayed home from school. He had a fever of 101. So yesterday I ended up doing some housework and making banana muffins. I may have mentioned before, I have a banana intolerance so it is the only muffin I make from a box. Of course, I bump up the nutrition by adding extra banana, ground flaxseeds and oat bran.

Now, while the sauce is simmering, am just catching up on the laundry - the job that never ends. My boys are staying for lunch, so will probably do some errands this afternoon. 

Spring fever has hit the prairie as some above average temps forecast for the weekend. We are planning to drive up to the cottage, just to see how it wintered. In the morning Danny was invited to the finals in a Knights of Columbus free throw competition. We will end up having lunch in the car, what we call a car picnic. I think I'll assemble that today. We have a very quick turnaround between basketball and road trip.

New recipe for dinner. I found it on Pinterest . Cilantro Honey Salmon with steamed broccoli and cauliflower and baked potatoes. (Mine is a sweet potato)

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